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Our condolences for your loss.  The estate administration process can feel confronting when dealing with the loss of a loved one.  We understand  you may be feeling grief and devastation among a whole range of emotions. 

We’re here to respectfully guide you through estate administration.  Each estate is unique in what you may need to achieve resolution. For example, in some estates paperwork must be filed with the Court to formally commence the estate administration process.  In other estates this particular paperwork isn’t needed.

Please contact us so that we can discuss how we can best serve you.

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In a world where memories and emotions are eternally intertwined, capturing the essence of a farewell through photography can be a powerful tool for both healing and remembrance. 

Funerals and celebration of life services, while poignant and essential, often pass in a blur of emotions and overwhelming moments. Funeral photography is a way to revisit these moments at your own pace, aiding in the journey of processing grief and commemorating the love for the deceased.

Our house is filled with books. We shuffle them aside to sit on the couch, trip over book towers in bedrooms, and we love the library bus that visits our suburb each week. The benefits of reading to children are numerous; from language development, emotional bonding, to imagination and creativity. The list goes on. But, have you considered the remarkable potential of books to facilitate age-appropriate conversations with children about death, grieving, and big feelings?

Have you heard of a death doula? What about an end of life doula or death walker? These terms describe a person thatsupports families and individuals in grief, bereavement, and death literacy. While birth doulas are fairly common in today’s society, end of life doulas are still largely off the radar. That’s why this month’s Legacy Legend shines a light on this important role, which can provide comfort and support during one of life’s most challenging transitions.

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