Do it yourself then get a JP to witness it

“Do it yourself then get a JP to witness it”

Getting your legal advice on Facebook? Please don’t.

A comment that regularly comes up in community groups is “just DIY your Will and get a JP to witness it”.

*So* much wrong with this comment.

It’s a common myth that having a JP (Justice of the Peace) witness your Will somehow formalises it.

Having a JP witness your signature on your Will does NOT meet minimum witnessing requirements under Qld legislation for signing your Will [not meeting requirements = your Will could be held invalid AND cost your loved ones a bomb seeing if the Court will uphold it].

You actually need two independent adult witnesses when signing your Will and they don’t need to be qualified [means they don’t need to be a JP/lawyer etc]

Also, a JP is *not* going to provide you with legal advice on your DIY Will [like where you went wrong or what you need to change].

You need a lawyer for legal advice.

You need an estate planning lawyer for advice on your estate plan.

[Simple, right?]

C’ya Facebook legal advice.

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